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Pickering Rotary Music Festival 2014 - ‘love it!’ - your name is very appropriate. There is nothing more enjoyable than listening to this kind of music - it makes one feel comfortable, homey, like a good book. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and melodious harmonies with us.  - great energy and story tellers. Very natural & entertainers! Talented group. Thank you. 
Notes and comments received from one song  presented for evaluation to Adjudicator  Score 86

Pickering Rotary Music Festival 2013 - “Really entertaining. Thank you.”  ... “more dynamics would help to colour the variation in the verses”... “Good Work” ....  “I was so engrossed watching I forgot to make notes’ Notes and comments received from one song  presented for evaluation to Adjudicator  Jacqueline Sadler, B. Mus. Hons. Perf., Instructor at Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts Score 88

Pickering Rotary Music Festival 2010 - Interesting voice mix for this quartet ... The words were clear, good legato and some nice phrasing.  Interestingly the modulation for verse 2 was handled very securely.... 
Notes received from one song  presented for evaluation to Adjudicator - Music Factuality UofT, Lynn Blaser Voice B.A. (York), ARCT, Dip.Op.Perf. (Toronto)  Score 82


I was a teacher for 38 years with the Toronto Catholic District School Board. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your quartet at our Christmas meeting. You are all so full of enthusiasm..it is quite contagious!!! I loved your selection of songs and audience participation songs. Thanks again for a delightful time! We wish your quartet all the best of good health and every happiness in 2013. Have a wonderful blessed Christmas! ....... Harry M

Thank you so much for such a spectacular, entertaining evening. Your voices brought such joy to our meeting space! Your energy was magnificent and truly infectious. Thank you for accepting our invitation, and for bringing in the holidays with us. I will be in touch after I've had a chance to inquire about the pictures. Merry Christmas to all of you. ... Alex

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Hi Marsha, thanks again for coming to sing last night you guys were wonderful and Bert loved it! ... Harmony Highway Quartet put on a great show! Thanks ladies Bert loved it! ... Sylvie B.

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I am very impressed with your quartet. Your chemistry and blend is outstanding.  I was moved to tears and that doesn't happen so you must be good!  ... Ann F.


 We would be delighted if you could perform at our holiday meeting.... We are delighted that you can be with us this year. -----------, our past president, heard you at the BBSH show and really enjoyed it!!   ....we like to bring in the holiday season with a little cheer, and we were hoping Harmony Highway could help us with this. … Alexandra H.

I am a member of the Durham West Probus group and was very impressed with your performance at our meeting …. Janice D.


I enjoyed your show at the Probus meeting, especially the audience participation segment….. I am organizing a Christmas Party… Please let me know…if you are available…. Carol B

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The audio quality on your website is not the best but I could tell you four have a beautiful blend, a really nice sound..... Shelley

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